1. Introduction:

  • Terms and Conditions is the document governing the contractual relationship between the customers who are need dashboard solution and Tatbeek For Digital Solutions.

2. Definitions:

    • Customer: Refers to the company which required a service or a solution.
    • Company: Refers to the solution or service provider which is Tatbeek for digital Solutions
    • Hardware: includes all sensors, detectors, gateways, and physical equipment.
    • Software: includes all codes to calculate, display, and report.
    • Backup Data: all recorded historical data.
    • Hosting: hosting software and databases on a Cloud or servers

    3. Acknowledgment:

    • When the customer releases a purchase order to the company, that’s confirm his acceptance of and compliance with these Terms and Conditions

    4. Copy Right Policy:

    • The company respects the intellectual property rights of others, so if we use an open-source platform or providing other hardware in our direct solution, we will mention that in our offer and we will follow their license and copy right policies as well.
    • Also, the company may use its own software and hardware in its solutions, and it is not accepted to use or copy them in another solution without an official written acceptance.
    • The customer should not hire one or many persons from the company’s team without an official acceptance from the company.

    5. Backup Data:

    • The customer is the only one who can access, delete, backup, or restore his own machines data even if the company is hosting customer’s software on its cloud.
    • The Company can provide support and attempt to troubleshoot any known or discovered issues that may affect the backups of Content of the customer requested.
    • The customer agrees to maintain a complete and accurate copy of any backup in a location independent of the Service.

    6. Placing an order:

    • The costing and delivery of any quotation is based on the availability of hardware and human resources, so the company accepts to receive orders with quotation prices and delivery for valid quotations only, otherwise the customer has to request an update of the quotation.
    • The delay in paying down payments will affect the milestones dates and project delivery.
    • The company has the right to cancel any order if the down payment delayed 14 days or more

      from the due date as the prices and availability of hardware are very fluctuated.

    • The company has to send an order acknowledgment within 3 working days maximum.
    • Each quotation has its own technical and commercial proposals, and the customer could not

      use a price of quotation for another new required solution.

    • The customer has to pay the due payment within 14 calendar days from the due dates.

    7. User Feedback:

    • The company is very interest to know their customers’ feedback related to the provided services, team, expected outcomes, solutions’ performance, or any.
    • If the customer has any comment, complaint, or suggestion, the company is welling to receive them at

    8. Subscription termination:

    • The customer has the right to terminate the subscription of his dashboard on our cloud at any time before the renewal date.

    • The company has the right to hold the customer’s subscription after 7 days from the due date, if delayed paying the due payment then terminate it after another 14 days.

    9. Software and hardware new versions:

    • The customer has an option to implement the company’s new software version within the agreed warranty period and the same for new hardware version which be released officially by the company.

    • For subscription customers’ they have the right to use any new version has been released by the company during their subscription period.

    10. Conflict in Terms:

    • In case of any conflict has been happened and could not be solved friendly, All contractual relations will be governed exclusively by Egypt law.