Unlock Your Equipment Efficiency

Are you ready to revolutionize your manufacturing processes and digitalize your equipment monitoring, reporting, and alerting, Tatbeek provides smart IoT devices to maximize your equipment efficiency and minimize waste with affordable prices, valuable insights, different payment models, and continual support and development.        

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Basic OEE

An IoT plug and Play device suitable for almost equipment. 

Measure automatically:

  • Downtime and Uptime
  • Total production amount
  • Actual machine speed
  • Availability, Performance
  • Quality, OEE, OOE, TEEP
  • Minor stops, Utilization 
  • Other systems / devices integration

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Advanced OEE

An IoT plug and play device suitable for almost machines with touch screen.

Measure Automatically:

  • Basic OEE measurement  
  • Operator performance
  • Maintenance response
  • Stoppage reasons pareto
  • Setup/ startup time
  • Maintenance time
  • Man of the day and month

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Scale Integrator

An IoT plug and play device to connect almost scale devices and load cells.

Available with:

  • Display Screen on device
  • Instant conditional alerts
  • Sound and or light alerts
  • Daily and MTD reports
  • Easy calibration
  • Range acceptance
  • Duration acceptance 

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Select suitable product and platform plan


confirm requirements and release your order


Deliver and install hardware at site and golive


Free one year hardware and software warranty and support

Barcode Checker

An IoT plug and play device to ensure that the running product on the production line is labelled with the right bar code.

Available with:

  • Check every 5 seconds 
  • Products page
  • live dashboard
  • Automatic reports
  • Instant alerts
  • ERP integration
  • Buzzer action


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Tank Tracker

An IoT plug and play device to measure all Tanks’ inner, added, and consumed amounts.

Available with:

  • ERP integration to compare actual added amount with supplier voucher and to create purchase requisition when reach re-order point
  • Monitor and control tank's motor remotely
  • Temperature and humidity 

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Water Quality

An IoT plug and play device to measure instantly,  reports and alert automatically about water quality and specs.

Measure automatically:

  • Dissolved Oxygen [DO]
  • Potential of Hydrogen [Ph]
  • Total disolved Solids / EC
  • Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium [NPK]
  • Water flow, inner liters
  • temperature, humidity
  • Motor status with action

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Platform Tiers

Buy one of our IoT devices and select one of the following platform plan to get the maximum benefits of our solutions.

** Get discount 5% for quarter payment, 10% for half yearly payment, and 15% for annual payment.



0 LE

/ month
  • Free cloud dashboard access
  • Transfer data to the dashboard every one hour
  • One user access 
  • Display direct measurements 
  • 3 customized KPIs
  • 3 signal inputs
  • 2 conditional alerts
  • Email support


Start from  1499LE

/ month
  • Basic features
  • Transfer data every one minute
  • 5 access users
  • 6 customized KPIs
  • 3 automatic reports
  • 3 API integrations
  • Access historical data
  • Regular call followup 


Start from 2999 LE

/ month
  • Professional features
  • Transfer data every one second
  • Unlimited access users
  • Using operator inputs
  • 6 automatic reports
  • 6 API integrations
  • Pareto charts
  • Regular visit followup


According to business requirements 

may includes one or more
  • Offline platform
  • Providing rechargeable batteries with alerts
  • Provide internet source
  • Supplying sensors
  • Special measurements
  • Customized reports
  • Remote and auto Action
  • More than 5 devices