Machine Dashboard

One Dashboard to automate the measurement and instant monitoring for OEE, Availability, Performance, Quality, Production, Productivity, downtime, wastes, and more for all factories' machines, with ability to entering stoppage reasons and integrating with ERP systems.

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Quarterly Payment

EGP 850

/ month / Sensor
  • Included rented Hardware
  • Minimum 2 Sensors
  • Standard Daily Report
  • Cloud hosting included
  • 2 Free Access Users

Half-Yearly Payment

EGP 650

/ month / Sensor
  • Included Free Hardware
  • Minimum 4 Sensors
  • Standard Daily Report
  • Cloud hosting included
  • 4 Free Access Users

Yearly Payment

EGP 450

/ month / Sensor
  • Included Free Hardware
  • Minimum 6 Tanks
  • Customized two Reports
  • Cloud hosting included
  • 6 Free Access Users

** Limited Time offer till the end of Nov 2022.

** Prices excluding VAT Taxes.

** Prices for Factories located in Cairo and Giza only and additional fees will be added for other locations accordingly.

Main Features

Monitor Instantly to Decide Immediately 

Live Dashboard

Monitor all machines' efficiency data from anywhere at anytime.

Automatic Report

Receive automatic daily reports via email at the end of each shift, day, week, and or month.

Conditional Alert

Receive alert when reach or exceed agreed limits in quality, downtime, targets, or any related condition, by email or sms messages.

Main Measurements

Measure accurately to improve Quickly  


Overall Equipment Effectiveness [ Availability, Performance, and Quality]. More info about OEE


Instantly measuring for production amount or weight, productivity, and live production rates.


Wastes in time and materials with entering stoppage reasons to define main root causes of downtime.